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Simplify your company's IT equipment

Focus on growing and simplifying your PC management with Device-as-a-Service. Also optimise your cash flow by switching from purchase to leasing.

Hundreds of start-ups and scale-ups equip themselves with Fleet

An all-inclusive subscription

Discover our all-in-one offer to simplify the management of your equipment on a daily basis and spread the costs.

Leasing solution

A simplified leasing solution to equip your employees in a few clicks and rationalise your IT costs.

Management of your equipment

A single platform to centralise the management of your fleet, drive allocation and track incidents. A dedicated contact in the event of a problem.

Responsible renewal

A renewal of equipment every 36 months to benefit from the latest equipment. Fleet takes care of giving a second life to your old devices.

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Facilitate the management of your IT equipment for hybrid work

With our platform, the Cockpit, centralise the management of your computer fleet, whether your employees are in the office or working remotely. Order new devices in minutes clicks, and track their delivery, track attribution and incident resolution.

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Gain peace of mind when onboarding your new recruits

No more last-minute onboarding stress! Order your computers in minutes minutes from the platform to prepare for the arrival of your new employees. Do them deliver to the office or directly to your employees working from home and make a good impression as soon as the first day with a state-of-the-art computer.

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Put your employees in the best conditions to succeed

Équipez vos salariés avec des ordinateurs haut de gamme sans apport, pour leur permettre de réussir leurs missions sans être ralentis par les soucis informatiques. Avec Fleet, votre matériel est renouvelé tous les 3 ans pour rester au top de ses performances et de la technologie.

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Adopt a responsible IT policy

A single platform to centralise the rental, management and renewal of your equipment

Managing a fleet of IT equipment and office furniture is technical, time-consuming and can even be frustrating.
With the Cockpit, take back control!

Centralised management of your equipment

View and manage all your equipment in its entirety, even those external devices sourced outside of Fleet.

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You too, can equip your employees simply with Fleet

Focus on your growth by choosing our all-in-one solution.

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