Adopt an IT policy responsible with ease

We want to revolutionize the way companies equip themselves with IT equipment to meet the challenges of the century.

A responsible offer in essence

The Fleet service was designed from the outset to offer responsible and sustainable solutions for companies, their employees and society.

Whatever the size of your structure and your CSR ambitions, by choosing Fleet you are transforming your company with a responsible IT policy.

Choose the digital responsibility

Put an end to the graveyards of computers and telephones!

More than 2 million companies in France store unused computers in their closets.

The Fleet subscription includes support for the second life of your devices when they no longer perform well enough for your business needs.


of electronic waste avoided per customer with Fleet

Participate in the reduction of Numeric fraction

The lack of access to a computer, tablet or telephone in good working order affects nearly 20% of the French population according to INSEE.

This digital divide is creating growing inequalities in an increasingly connected world and companies can take action.

Fleet is committed to donating some of the computers, tablets and phones to be renewed to associations in order to promote fairer access to technologies.

Access computers quality refurbished

Fleet also offers high-end refurbished computers and tablets in its catalog. These lower-cost devices are Grade A or A certified, the highest level of refurbishment quality, and are part of a CSR approach to digital responsibility.

Responsible commitment: a profitable choice

Engage your talents

90% of employees say they prefer a company that is committed to the environment.

Reduce electronic waste

With Fleet, your end-of-use computers are refurbished for individuals and associations, or are recycled.

Adapt to CSR standards

Be one step ahead of CSR requirements.

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