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and IT management with peace of mind

Equipping your employees has never been easier! Thanks to our dedicated platform, order your computers and other IT and office equipment in just a few clicks.

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The solution that saves time

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Fleet supports you in managing your fleet


Prepare your onboarding serenely, at the office or remotely

No more last-minute onboarding stress! With Fleet, easily order the computers and telephones of your new arrivals, as well as their desks and chairs, so that they can start off in the best possible conditions. Follow the reception of their equipment anywhere in Europe, at your premises or at their home.

Drive incident resolution with a dedicated IT expert

No more endless calls

No more waiting for an appointment

No trip to store

Your computer problems are managed during the day!

Provide the best equipment to your employees

With Fleet, you ensure that your employees are well equipped over time to be able to focus on their missions. The material is responsibly renewed every 3 years to remain always efficient.

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