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Long-term rental, the choice of simplified leasing

Fleet offers a transparent, simple and digitalised leasing solution for all your equipment.

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Why rent with Fleet?

With the Fleet subscription, you benefit from a unique turnkey solution to simplify the rental, management and renewal of your IT equipment.

Classic PurchaseTraditional Leasing
Simple and transparent offer
Optimisation of cash flow
The best available equipment
Guarantee and premium support
A centralised management tool
End-of-life recycling or donation

Rent rather than buy: the financial impact

Choosing to lease your equipment means smooth and predictable expenses over the year. Say goodbye to expensive admin management costs and limited VAT advances. With Fleet you focus your cash where it matters most: your growth!

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Average annual cost of a computer purchased for less than £1,000 including breakdowns and repairs.

Gartner Group study


An average of 3 weeks per year lost due to computer slowness! This equates to a cost of approximately £4,000 a year for an employee earning £40K.

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Laptops break down over 3 years. Fleet equipment is guaranteed for the entire rental period.

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Our financial partners

We simplify and speed up obtaining a leasing agreement from our financial partners.

Optimise your cash management

No upfront payment needed. You pay when the first monthly instalment is due and you keep your capital available for your growth. Thanks to Fleet, put your IT costs in Opex and not Capex.

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Benefit from state-of-the-art equipment

Invest in your employees! Thanks to leasing you can guarantee your employees benefit from the best equipment possible every 36 months. Empower them with what they need to perform.

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Choose more sustainable consumption

Fleet fights for you to reduce your carbon footprint and ensures every device gets a second life. At the end of your contract, we recycle, we refurb and we re-home. Say goodbye to the lifeless stack of devices piling up in your stock cupboard!

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The Fleet catalogue, a flexible and transparent offer

Choose your equipment from our selection of high-end equipment, adapted to the needs of each employee and their work environment.

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+ 1 000 companies equip themselves with Fleet

Created in 2019, Fleet is the European leader in Device-as-a-service for start-ups and SMEs. Our mission is to simplify the equipment, management and renewal of computers and telephones for companies via a turnkey subscription.

Our turnkey Device-as-a-Service subscription includes:

  • Rental of computer equipment and accessories included without security deposit or first rent increased

  • Delivery fees

  • The material guarantee for the entire initial duration of the rental

  • Costs related to the renewal of the device at the end of the contract

  • Unlimited access to the Cockpit, our SaaS platform for managing your IT equipment to centralise the management of your equipment: manage the assignments of your employees, prepare your onboarding and offboarding, follow up on the resolution of your incidents in a few clicks, etc.

  • Access to our professional and ultra-responsive customer service.

Delivery is free anywhere in the European Union and the United Kingdom, at the start and at the end of each rental contract, as well as for after-sales service cases covered by the guarantee. We support many companies with international offices. For specific deliveries (North America, Middle East, etc.), do not hesitate to contact our sales team who will be able to study your needs.

No. The Fleet rental service does not require any down payment or security deposit.

The rental contracts in our offer have an initial period of 36 months. This corresponds to the optimal performance duration of the devices we offer.

You too, can equip your employees simply with Fleet

Focus on your growth by choosing our all-in-one solution.

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