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Catalogue of products available for rent

Fleet offers a catalogue of products available for hire to meet all of your team's needs. Choose the most suitable equipment from our selection of high-end products.

Acquisition of devices

A leasing solution to equip its employees with the best computers in a few clicks and rationalise IT costs.

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IT asset management

A platform to centralise its equipment, manage the allocation of devices and track incident resolution. A dedicated contact in case of concern.

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Responsible renewal

Renew your equipment every 36 months to benefit from the latest computers. Fleet takes care of giving a second life to your old devices.

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+ 1 000 companies equip themselves with Fleet

Why rent rather than buy?

Simply to preserve cash, save time and manage your equipment responsibility.

Traditional purchase

Heavy cash flow efforts: you spend more £25,000 on average for 20 computers.

Time and money wasted managing your fleet: 2 days per month on average dedicated to the management of your equipment.

Aging equipment which impact the productivity and comfort of employees: IT slowness causes the loss of 109 hours of work per year and per employee. *

High repair costs : count on average £700 to change a computer battery.

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Fleet rental

Conserve your cash flow to develop your growth: from £750/month for 20 computers, no deposit.

No more than 3 hours per month dedicated to managing your equipment : centralise the acquisition, management and renewal of all your equipment on our platform.

State-of-the-art computers renewed every 3 years

Guarantee, repair and computer loan covered 100% in the event of a breakdown.

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