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We buy back your device in just a few clicks and lease it back to you. Our aim it to lighten your cash flow by spreading the cost of your current fleet into monthly payments.,Thanks to our offer, you keep your laptops whilst we optimise your expenses.

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Fleet simplifies your company's IT equipment

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your fleet

Through sale-leaseback, we buy back your current fleet of devices that you keep using. This solution allows you to stagger your purchases of IT equipment already made.
In short, Leaseback allows you to replenish your cash while retaining the use of all your equipment.


your cash

Smoothing your costs related to your IT equipment allows you to develop by investing in your growth.
An IT park is a costly expense, smoothing it over the long term gives you more freedom in your strategic decisions.

Our financial partners

We simplify and speed up obtaining a leasing agreement from our financial partners.

The Fleet Cockpit

A platform that centralises your equipment and supports you in managing the assignment of your devices to your employees.

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Expense tracking with no hidden fees

A clear contract that provides you with the Fleet tools.
Pay only a fixed subscription and manage your costs within the Cockpit.

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Responsible renewal

Renew your equipment every 36 months to benefit from the latest computers. Fleet takes care of giving a second life to your old devices.

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An adapted offer

to all needs

+ 1 000 companies equip themselves with Fleet

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