Simplify your VSE/SME's IT equipment

Offer the best equipment to your employees while preserving your cash flow thanks to leasing. Simplify the management of your computers with a turnkey subscription.


Equipped by Fleet

Of the VSE/SME equip with Fleet


A subscription all inclusive

Acquisition of devices

A leasing solution to equip its employees in a few clicks and rationalize IT costs.

IT asset management

A platform to centralize its fleet, manage allocation and monitor incidents. A dedicated contact in the event of a problem.

Responsible renewal

A renewal of equipment every 36 months to benefit from state-of-the-art computers and telephones. Fleet takes care of giving a second life to your old devices.

Save your cash for your strategic investments

Fleet allows you to equip your employees without contribution: you only pay the first rent and you keep your investment capacity for your growth. With Fleet, put your IT costs in Opex (expense) and not Capex (capital).

Offer the best equipment to your employees

Access a selection of state-of-the-art computers, tablets and phones so that your employees can carry out their missions to the best of their ability, including working from home. Guarantee the well-being and efficiency of your employees with equipment that is renewed every 3 years.

Simplify the management of your IT equipment and focus on the essentials

Thanks to the Cockpit, our fleet management platform, centralize the management of your equipment. In the event of a problem, you have access to ultra-responsive customer service and your problems are resolved quickly and remotely. You ensure that your employees are well equipped over time.

Adopt a responsible IT policy

Reduce electronic waste

With Fleet, your end-of-use computers are refurbished for individuals and associations, or are recycled.

Involve your employees

90% of employees say they prefer a company that is committed to the environment.

Adapt to CSR standards

Be one step ahead of CSR requirements by choosing ecological and responsible management.

A single platform to centralize the rental, management and renewal of your equipment

Managing a fleet of IT equipment and office furniture is technical, time-consuming and can even be frustrating.

With the Cockpit, take back control!

IT support
Online order
Overview of teams

Centralized management of your equipment

View all key equipment fleet information at a glance, whether or not they are rented from Fleet.

You too can simplify the management of your computers with Fleet

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