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Provide your employees with quality computers, phones, tablets, accessories and office furniture, whether they are in the office or working remotely. Choose high-performance equipment so that they can carry out their mission as well as possible, without being slowed down by computer bugs.

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Slow computer equipment and poor office furniture are among the first obstacles to the productivity and motivation of your employees, especially when working remotely.

With Fleet you ensure that each employee is always well equipped to be able to carry out their tasks with ease. Their equipment is renewed every 3 years to always remain at peak performance.

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In total, computer problems and delays result in the loss of 109 hours of work per year and per employee.

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Attract and retain
your talents

Employee benefits are being brought back to the fore in a world where competition is intensifying for attract talent.

Being attentive to the well-being of your employees means providing them with quality equipment, adapted to their missions, from onboarding and over time.

Order your equipment in a few clicks and gain peace of mind each time your employee is onboarded. in the office or remotely.

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Responsible IT policy: growing employee expectations

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Manage your IT fleet and office furniture in the age of teleworking and in a hybrid work environment, with the


Have you implemented telecommuting in your company?

Whether for remote onboarding or to equip existing employees, Fleet supports you by delivering anywhere in the world and directly to your employees.

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The Fleet catalogue, a flexible and transparent offer

Choose your equipment from our selection of high-end equipment, adapted to the needs of each employee and their work environment.

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