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Fleet renews your computers and telephones every 3 years to guarantee your teams equipment that is always efficient.
We give a second life to your old equipment to put an end to IT waste.

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Provide the best equipment to your employees

The computer and the phone are the main working tools of your employees! Having high-performance, top-of-the-range equipment allows them to concentrate on their missions and contributes to their daily well-being.

No more delays and time spent solving computer problems. With Fleet, your employees benefit from recent and always state-of-the-art equipment.

3 years

this is the optimal lifespan of a computer in a company

Renew at the right time


all over the UK & Europe

The optimal lifespan of computer equipment is 3 years. Beyond that, it loses performance and that can affect the productivity of your employees.

At Fleet we choose to renew the devices every 36 months in to ensure you benefit from the best technology.

Giving machines a second life

Reduce your waste by preventing the lifeless pile of computers and phones from filling up your storage cupboards when renewed.

The advantage is twofold: decluttering but above all upgrading old machines. computers and refurbished phones will thus be placed on the second-hand market and will benefit individuals, schools or associations to fight against the digital divide.

What happens to your Fleet equipment during renewal?


A specialised company refurbishes your machine to give it a second life in private homes

The gift

Part of the returns is intended to be donated to associations fighting the digital divide

The recycling

If the device is completely unusable, don't worry some of it's parts will still be recycled

Our partner organizations

In order to fight against the digital divide, Fleet strives to donate part of the computers and end-of-lease telephones to associations fighting the digital divide.

In 2019, about 20% of families did not have access to a properly functioning computer (INSEE). This which widens inequalities in an increasingly connected world.

Fleet takes care of

recycling computers and phones

at their end of life

Even when refurbishment is no longer feasible, your computer or phone still has value: they can be recycled. After dismantling the machines, the elements are grouped into depending on their components.

At Fleet, we are convinced that it is possible to consume more sustainably and reduce its impact. environmental.

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