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Gain predictability and focus your investment on your growth.

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Take advantage of our all-inclusive leasing solution

Fleet replaces traditional purchasing and archaic leasing solutions with a turnkey subscription offering including rental, maintenance and responsible renewal of your equipment.


Average annual cost of a computer purchased for less than £1,000 including breakdowns and repairs.

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Work time lost due to slow computer, 3 weeks/year, around £4,000 for an annual salary of £40K.

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Spend your IT costs on

Our rentals are without contribution, you only pay the first rent and keep your investment capacity for your growth.

Thanks to Fleet, put your IT costs in Opex and not Capex.

Adopt a responsible IT policy with ease

No more hidden costs of opaque leasing solutions. With Fleet you pay a fixed and transparent monthly subscription.

The equipment is renewed every 3 years to always remain efficient and reduce unforeseen repair costs.

Our financial partners

We simplify and speed up obtaining a leasing agreement from our financial partners.

+ 1 000 companies equip themselves with Fleet

The Fleet catalogue, a flexible and transparent offer

Choose your equipment from our selection of high-end equipment, adapted to the needs of each employee and their work environment.

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