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A MDM Easy to put in place

With the Mobile Device Management Fleet, remotely control and secure your entire IT fleet (MacOs, Windows and Linux), in just a few clicks.

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Save time with an all-in-one MDM platform

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Secure your data and comply with ISO 27001

Encrypt your data, activate firewalls and remote update to limit the risks of hacking and security breaches. Check the necessary IT criteria with MDM Fleet to obtain ISO 27001 or SOC 2 and Cyber ​​Essentials certification.

Simplify the arrival and departure of your employees

Automatically and remotely configure your newcomers' macOS computers using “Zero Touch deployment”: installation of App Store applications and security settings. As soon as it is opened, the computer is ready for use!

When an employee leaves, wipe your devices to perform a factory reset and easily reassign them.

You can also connect Fleet to your HR platform.

Control your fleet remotely and facilitate teleworking

Manage your fleet simply from your platform whether you are an IT expert or not. Access in real time the activity of your fleet, the equipment assigned to each and the available stock.
Take remote control in just a few clicks to configure, block or secure a computer.

Take control of your devices in just a few clicks

Device control

Access full control from your platform: reset, shutdown, block and update. Have a view of the status of all of your computers via a dashboard.

Data security

Set your security settings on your devices to protect your employees' personal data. You can encrypt hard drives (FileVault and BitLocker) or activate firewalls.

Software installation

Download and install software and apps on your employees' devices.

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Simplified installation

For your computers in use: install the profile of your employees on your MDM with a simple connection link.

Zero Touch deployment

Enable automatic configuration with “Zero Touch” deployment for your computers. Your new devices will be configured according to your preferences upon receipt.

Our partner VMware

MDM Fleet is built on Workspace ONE technology from VMware, leader in Unified Endpoint Managers (UEM) which allows the centralisation of all tools. Fleet makes your life easier by offering you an easy-to-use interface without any configuration on your part.

You too, can equip your employees simply with Fleet

Focus on your growth by choosing our all-in-one solution.

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