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Apple Studio Display Rental - Nano‑Textured Glass - Adjustable Tilt Stand

The Studio Display captivates at first glance. Everything you do comes to life before your eyes in an explosion of color and detail. True Tone technology ensures a more natural viewing experience. To provide you with maximum visual comfort and readability, the Studio Display features a premium anti-reflective coating, while optional nano-textured glass further reduces reflections while ensuring exceptional image quality .

State-of-the-art configurations

Give your device a second life

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Apple Studio Display - Verre nano‑texturé - Support à inclinaison réglable

The configurations selected by Fleet

Apple Studio Display - Nano‑textured glass - Adjustable tilt stand

screen size






Refresh rate


Response time

5 ms




The advantages of renting with Fleet

Free delivery directly to your employees

Full support

Cockpit access: Fleet management software

Give your device a second life

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Technical informations

Product Dimensions

Weight : 6300 g

Fleet, simplifies your company's IT equipment

Why rent rather than buy?

Simply to preserve cash, save time and manage your equipment responsibility.

Traditional purchase

Heavy cash flow efforts : you spend more £25,000 on average for 20 computers.

Time and money wasted managing your fleet : 2 days per month on average dedicated to the management of your equipment.

Aging equipment which impact the productivity and comfort of employees: IT slowness causes the loss of 109 hours of work per year and per employee. *

High repair costs : count on average £700 to change a computer battery.

*Easy Panel study for
Fleet rental

Conserve your cash flow to develop your growth : from £750/month for 20 computers, no deposit.

No more than 3 hours per month dedicated to managing your equipment : centralise the acquisition, management and renewal of all your equipment on our platform.

State-of-the-art computers renewed every 3 years

Guarantee, repair and computer loan covered 100% in the event of a breakdown.

An adapted offer

to all needs


Adopt a responsible IT policy,
without ignoring the


Choose quality new or refurbished computers. At the time of renewal, Fleet gives your computer a second life: it will be refurbished for individuals, donated to an association or recycled.

New devices

State-of-the-art configurations

Tailor-made product according to your needs

Product never used, in blister

Refurbished devices

Certified Grade A+ or A (with no signs or minimum signs of use)

Same performance as a new device

From 104 to 722 kg of CO2 saved per device

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+ 1 000 companies equip themselves with Fleet

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