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AirPods rental (3rd generation)

AirPods are lightweight and offer a snug fit. They sit perfectly in your ear for greater comfort and better sound direction. Their stem is 33% shorter than 2nd generation AirPods and includes a pressure sensor to easily control your music and calls.

State-of-the-art configurations

Give your device a second life

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AirPods (3ᵉ génération)

The configurations selected by Fleet

AirPods (3rd generation)







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The advantages of renting with Fleet

Free delivery directly to your employees

Full support

Cockpit access: Fleet management software

Give your device a second life

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Technical informations

Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking

The sound surrounds you and creates an immersive three-dimensional listening experience for music, TV shows and movies. The gyroscopes and accelerometers built into AirPods work together to track your head movements and transport you to the heart of the music and the action.

Adaptive equalization

The music is automatically adjusted to fit the shape of your ear. Inward-facing microphones detect sounds coming your way, then adjust the low and mid frequencies so you don't miss any detail in any song.

Water and sweat resistance

AirPods and MagSafe Charging Case meet the IPX water resistance standard. Nothing stops them, not even heavy rain or intensive exercise.

Product Dimensions

Weight : 4 g

Charging case


Fleet, simplifies your company's IT equipment

Why rent rather than buy?

Simply to preserve cash, save time and manage your equipment responsibility.

Traditional purchase

Heavy cash flow efforts: you spend more £25,000 on average for 20 computers.

Time and money wasted managing your fleet: 2 days per month on average dedicated to the management of your equipment.

Aging equipment which impact the productivity and comfort of employees: IT slowness causes the loss of 109 hours of work per year and per employee. *

High repair costs : count on average £700 to change a computer battery.

*Easy Panel study for
Fleet rental

Conserve your cash flow to develop your growth: from £750/month for 20 computers, no deposit.

No more than 3 hours per month dedicated to managing your equipment : centralise the acquisition, management and renewal of all your equipment on our platform.

State-of-the-art computers renewed every 3 years

Guarantee, repair and computer loan covered 100% in the event of a breakdown.

An adapted offer

to all needs


Adopt a responsible IT policy,
without ignoring the


Choose quality new or refurbished computers. At the time of renewal, Fleet gives your computer a second life: it will be refurbished for individuals, donated to an association or recycled.

New devices

State-of-the-art configurations

Tailor-made product according to your needs

Product never used, in blister

Refurbished devices

Certified Grade A+ or A (with no signs or minimum signs of use)

Same performance as a new device

From 104 to 722 kg of CO2 saved per device

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+ 1 000 companies equip themselves with Fleet

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