Manage your IT equipment with complete peace of mind

Thanks to the Cockpit, our free SaaS IT fleet management platform, centralize the management of your equipment. Save time and visibility in managing your computers, phones and accessories.

The Cockpit Fleet, the platform that simplifies IT management

Centralize the management of your IT equipment

Import your computers, phones and tablets in just a few clicks using an Excel or csv file.

Assign your equipment to each employee

Gain visibility on your IT equipment by simply assigning each piece of equipment to your employees and thanks to the tag system.

Simply follow the status of your fleet on a daily basis

Access an intuitive dashboard to easily manage the organization of your IT equipment and follow the resolution of incidents directly on the platform.

Centralize the management of your computers thanks to the Cockpit

Managing a fleet of computers and phones is technical, time-consuming and can even get frustrating.

With the Cockpit, take back control!

IT support
Online order
Overview of teams

Centralized management of your IT infrastructure

See at a glance all the key information about your IT fleet, whether your devices are rented from Fleet or not.

Why rent rather than buy?

Traditional purchase

Plus €25,000 for 20 computers
Heavy cash flow efforts!

3 days/month on fleet management
(acquisition, management and renewal)
Employer cost = 700€/month

aging computers that impact employee productivity

700€ repair costs for a battery

Fleet rental

From 750€/month for 20 computers, without deposit. Your cash can be allocated to your development!

3 hours/month on fleet management on our platform, the Cockpit

State-of-the-art computers renewed every 3 years

No repair costs
An unlimited guarantee

More 800 startups, SMEs and agencies equip themselves with Fleet

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Save time in fleet management

No more hassle with inventory and machine tracking: Fleet makes your life easier with an intuitive fleet tracking and management interface!

Find all the equipment per employee in a few clicks, gain visibility on the distribution of your equipment per employee thanks to tags and access dashboards and a to-do list to simplify the management of your IT equipment.

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Simplify the onboarding and offboarding of your employees

Thanks to the Cockpit, organize the arrival of your new employees: simply assign the devices to each employee and gain visibility on the life cycle of each computer or IT accessory. You can even order your new equipment in a few minutes, directly on the platform and benefit from the Fleet service.

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Get started in a few clicks

Register on the platform and let yourself be guided to import your first computers in 2 minutes.

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