A accompaniement turnkey

With Fleet, you not only rent computers, telephones, IT accessories or high-end furniture, but you access a range of services to eliminate the hassle of management.

Focus on what really matters: your employees and your growth!

What is the Device-as-a-Service?
The choice of an economic model of use

Like SaaS (Software-as-a-Service for software or Space-as-a-Service for co-working), DaaS (Device-as-a-Service) promotes use rather than possession.

Thanks to an all-inclusive subscription, DaaS makes it possible to benefit from computers and telephones that are always efficient and from support comprising a set of services (incident monitoring, renewal, etc.). )

Why Choose Device-as-a-Service?

Choose a simple and flexible solution to equip your employees.

Opt for peace of mind in the daily monitoring and management of your IT.

Commit to a more sober and responsible IT policy.

A subscription all inclusive

Acquisition of devices

A leasing solution to equip its employees in a few clicks and rationalize IT costs.

IT asset management

A platform to centralize its fleet, manage allocation and monitor incidents. A dedicated contact in the event of a problem.

Responsible renewal

A renewal of equipment every 36 months to benefit from state-of-the-art computers and telephones. Fleet takes care of giving a second life to your old devices.

Warranty machines

With Fleet, have peace of mind: all our equipment is guaranteed for the entire duration of the rental.

You also have the option of simply taking out additional Breakage/Theft insurance when placing your order for even more peace of mind!

A support premium

Our teams carry out a remote diagnosis of your problem and support you throughout its resolution.

If your problem requires an intervention, simply return your equipment for repair with a return label anywhere in Europe.

Thanks to our online Help Center, also allow your employees to self-solve minor problems.

The solution that saves time


lost on average by each employee due to computer problems

The Fleet catalogue, a flexible and transparent offer

Choose your equipment from our selection of high-end equipment, adapted to the needs of each employee and their work environment.

Our flagship categories

Our popular products

MacBook Air Retina M1
MacBook Air Retina M1




MacBook Pro 14" M1 Pro et Max
MacBook Pro 14" M1 Pro and Max




MacBook Pro 13” Touch Bar M2
MacBook Pro 13” Touch Bar M2




MacBook Air Retina M2
MacBook Air Retina M2




MacBook Pro 16" M1 Pro et Max
MacBook Pro 16" M1 Pro and Max




iPad 10"
iPad 10"




Dell Vostro 15"
Dell Vostro 15 "




MacBook Pro 13” Touch Bar M1
MacBook Pro 13 ”Touch Bar M1




Our flagship brands

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Fleet financial benefits

Our rentals are without contribution, you only pay the first rent and you will have no expense on the maintenance of the computer park for 3 years. Thanks to Fleet, put your IT costs in Opex and not Capex.


What really costs, each year, a computer paid 750€.

Gartner Group study


The average cost of two days of work lost due to unsuitable equipment.

Learn more about financial benefits

More than 900 companies equip themselves with Fleet

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